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BBC Three has commissioned an 8 x 60’ series, Hungry For It, an ambitious new competitive food format.

The series gives 10 aspiring cooks from all over the UK, all desperate to carve out a career in the food industry, a chance to skill up and put their talent to the test, with one amateur cook winning a life changing prize. The chefs will live together in a house, whilst competing and creating amazing dishes, in an attempt to impress industry experts and mentors.

The series will be hosted by Stacey Dooley alongside two industry mentors who'll be judging - chef and rapper, Big Zuu, and personal chef to the stars, Kayla Greer.

It will be the mentors who decide who moves between the restaurant and the pop-up, based on their skills and performance in the challenges. During the course of the series our mentors will arm these novice chefs with an all-round skill set that should allow them to flourish in the industry, but Big Zuu and Kayla will also decide who isn’t cutting it in the kitchen, and who will face the head to head eliminator challenge.

Stacey Dooley, says: "Just THRILLED to be presenting this series. I’ve always been delighted to be able to celebrate and showcase talent, particularly when those involved are given such incredible opportunities. Let's go! (Also, I’ve nominated myself HEAD TASTER).

Big Zuu, says: "Obviously I'm gassed to be working with BBC Three, doing something different with food. I'm excited to get into the programme and I'm happy to step out of my comfort zone and start a new challenge. Hopefully the people like it!"

Kayla, says: “I’ve been through it all in this industry - from starting with nothing and diving headfirst into culinary school to forming and growing my own successful company to being a sought-after personal chef to the stars, so I’m exci


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