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Charlie Webster started running when she was 12. When she joined an elite running group in Sheffield, she was sexually abused by her coach. She was 14 when it started. The abuse went on for more than three years.

She never spoke about it to other girls in her group, and no one ever spoke to her about what was happening to them. And when their abuser was arrested, Charlie never saw them again.

As a journalist and broadcaster, Charlie specialises in investigating, uncovering and telling other people’s stories, but now it’s time for her to tell her own.

Charlie’s quest to make sense of her own abuse is the powerful, emotional core of the film. In order to understand what happened and how, Charlie will discover other stories just like hers. Her journey takes her back into her past but brings the issue right up to date as she meets other survivors from across the country.

Charlie needs to understand what has changed since she was a vulnerable young athlete. She gets messages every single day, from other survivors. 4,000 messages on, and she is fighting for them, as well as herself. She needs answers – and so do they.

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