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0121 is a brand new Comedy Threesome for BBC Three.

Steph’s dealing with her whiny boyfriend. Rhys is away with the fishes. But these Brummie siblings are about to get bad news - leading them to the nan they never knew they had. 0121 was written and created by Jack Hannon and Charlotte Regan, featuring Georgia Neath as Steph and Adam Mecrow as Rhys. 0121 is A Fudge Park production for BBC Three.

Episode one Summoned to the headmaster’s office, brother and sister Rhys and Steph are about to get some very bad news. But not before Steph does some straight talking to her boyfriend and Rhys has an intimate moment with the school fishes.

Episode two On the way to their mysterious nan’s house, Rhys is lamenting the state of the country. But when he’s confronted by two lads on the estate, Steph has to step in.

Episode three Rhys and Steph arrive at their nan’s house - but no-one’s home. Biscuits and a brief discussion on the behaviour of ants help to pass the time. But eventually Rosie arrives home... and not with the warm greeting they were expecting.

Available on BBC iPlayer as a comedy threesome from 6am on Tuesday 9 February.


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