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BBC News, which will be a refreshed version of the existing BBC News Channel, will be broadcast both in the UK and around the world, with advertising outside the UK only. The channel will be anchored from London during UK daytime and evening, and from Washington DC and Singapore overnight.

BBC News will be a single news channel operation which splits into two feeds, so, just as now, at some points of the schedule the UK audience will see dedicated UK output, and at other times all audiences will see the same programming. The BBC say they will respond to breaking and developing news in the UK for the domestic audiences "at all times".

As previously announced, Matthew Amroliwala, Christian Fraser, Yalda Hakim, Lucy Hockings, and Maryam Moshiri will be chief presenters on the BBC’s news channel – BBC News.

The BBC today explain: At the beginning of next week we’ll start making the first changes to our news channels as we begin the single news channel operation. UK viewers of the BBC News Channel and overseas viewers of BBC World News will, from Monday 3 April, be tuning into BBC News.

Our aim is to create the best live and breaking news on both TV and on digital platforms, where more and more audiences are getting their news. We need to modernise the way we deliver the news – while addressing the financial challenges we face.

First, people should not expect any kind of ‘big bang’ at the beginning of April – we’re bringing in the changes gradually, in a phased roll-out, so things will continue to alter over the coming months. We want to keep the best of what we do at the moment, while introducing better ways of reporting what matters.

In the coming weeks, UK viewers will be able to watch Radio 5’s Nicky Campbell Show as a TV programme. They will also continue to see BBC Breakfast and the main UK news bulletins at One, Six, and Ten o’clock – and, from next week they will also see Newsnight.

Alongside these changes to the TV channel, the boost to our live and breaking news team will mean we can introduce more changes over the coming months, including single story live streams which audiences will be able to watch on the BBC News website and on iPlayer.


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