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Mina has invited Stacey Dooley to help her tell her story in a new documentary for BBC Two and BBC iPlayer.

Bibaa Henry and Nicole Smallman were reported missing on 6th June 2020. Mina Smallman’s two daughters were never to return from Bibaa’s birthday celebration the night before in a north London park. They were murdered as they relaxed together, enjoying each other’s company. The next day, Nicole’s boyfriend found the sisters’ bodies.

Mina has invited Stacey Dooley to help her tell her story in a new documentary for BBC Two and iPlayer. The film will also follow both the trial of her daughters’ killer, and the trials of two Met police officers who took photographs of their bodies and shared them online.

Mina and her husband Chris feel the police were initially dismissive and mishandled the missing person investigation, failings that were compounded by the appalling behaviour of the officers who shared selfies with her daughters’ bodies.

They question the treatment of the girls’ story in national press and ask whether the police, media and wider society seem to treat the murder of a woman of colour differently.

The film explores the role of faith and forgiveness in Mina’s life. Mina’s faith has been a lifeline as she copes with her grief and anger and her relationship with God has strengthened her resolve to fight to end violence against women so her daughters did not die in vain.

Stacey gets first-hand insight of what it’s like for a family going through such an unthinkable tragedy, and through meeting their best friends she gets to know the inspiring young women that Bibaa and Nicole were.

Stacey Dooley says: “When Mina asked me if I would make a film about her girls, I immediately wanted to help in any way I could. This is Mina’s film, and it’s about highlighting the persistent, chronic problem we have with violence against women, whilst ensuring that Nicole and Bibaa are never forgotten, and beyond that, are celebrated. I'd like to sincerely thank Mina, Chris and Monique. I hope this documentary contributes to a desperately needed conversation.”

Clare Sillery, Head of Commissioning, Documentaries, History & Religion says: “Mina and Chris' story is a vital one to tell, both as a testament to their daughters' lives and horrific murders, and as a witness to faith and the role it can play when faced with unimaginable trauma. I’d like to thank them both for their courage in sharing their story with us.”

Two Daughters (w/t) 1x60 for BBC Two and iPlayer is being made by Little Dooley and True Vision East.


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