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BBC Two reveal Christmas highlight.

20th December

8:00pm - Michael Palin's Himalaya: Journey Of A Lifetime

21st December

8:30pm - Christmas University Challenge

9:00pm - Upstart Crow: Lockdown Christmas 1603

22nd December

8:00pm - Nigella's Cook, Eat, Repeat Christmas Special

9:00pm - Being Bridget Jones

23rd December

9:00pm - Motherland Christmas Special

10:00pm - Phantom Thread

24th December

6:45pm - Remarkable Places To Eat At Christmas

25th December

9:10pm - Victoria Wood's Secret List

27th December

9:00pm - The Last Woman On Earth With Sara Pascoe

28th December

9:00pm - Two Doors Down Christmas Special

29th December

9:00pm - Celebrity: A 21st Century Story

30th December

10:00pm - The Nine Lives Of Ozzy Osbourne

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