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BBC Two has commissioned two new travel series with adventurer and author Simon Reeve, set to air this autumn and winter.

The first series, Cornwall With Simon Reeve, is an exploration of the glorious county as it emerged from lockdown, investigating what the future holds for one of Britain’s favourite tourist destinations.

In his first UK-based travel adventure programme for the BBC, Simon, who lives in Devon, explores the natural beauty of neighbouring Cornwall, its beautiful coastal locations and stunning moorland, and gets under the skin of one of Britain’s most popular holiday destinations.

The second series, Incredible Journeys With Simon Reeve, takes a look back at some of the most remarkable and remote destinations Simon has visited, from arctic glaciers to tropical reefs, from the forests of Borneo to the deserts of central Asia. This immersive and incredibly personal series is a chance to get to know Simon better and learn more about what he’s discovered on his extraordinary travels around the world.

Simon Reeve says: “Events this year have knocked us all for six, and travelling the planet has become a bit tricky. So in these two series we thought it was a good time for me to look back, and also have a look at life closer to home. Travelling around Cornwall I met so many fantastic characters who were warm and welcoming, talked with incredible honesty, and challenged my stereotypes of the county and really made me think...

“...In Incredible Journeys I wanted to reflect on the joy of travel, show viewers some of the most inspiring people I’ve met, and share what I’ve learnt about the challenges and solutions for our incredible planet. The pandemic has put a stop to many of our travels, but eventually the pandemic will pass, and we will start travelling again. I can’t wait.”

Cornwall with Simon Reeve is a weekly, two-part series, airing on BBC Two in November.

Incredible Journeys with Simon Reeve is a weekly, four-part series, airing on BBC Two winter 2020/21.


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