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The BBC has announced extensive coverage plans for the UN’s upcoming climate change conference in Glasgow, bringing audiences to the heart of November’s summit with special programming, news and digital coverage. A selection - not all - of programming can be found below...

The Wild Gardener The Wild Gardener (w/t) is a brand new two part programme presented by Colin Stafford-Johnson that will show how anyone can turn a piece of land into a wildlife haven. With our natural world under siege, wildlife cameraman Colin Stafford-Johnson wants to help turn thousands of years of garden obsession on its head. In the face of wildlife armageddon, Colin believes if you have a garden, you can make a difference!

After decades of filming the earth’s dwindling wildlife, Colin returns home to embark on a very personal journey of garden redemption. He has just inherited his boyhood country garden in Ireland and wants to rip it up and turn it into a wildlife wonderland. Getting down and dirty, he’ll move mountains, dig ponds, clear scrub and try to figure out how to lure the wild creatures back.

Nature and Us: A History through Art In this ambitious new BBC Four series, art historian James Fox tells the story of our ever-changing relationship with nature through the lens of some of the world’s most extraordinary artworks. With the threat of climate change ever present, James argues that art can offer powerful evidence of human attitudes to the natural world throughout our history – from prehistoric cave art, to Assyrian sculptures, Zen gardens and romantic painting.

Each tells us not only what we have thought about nature but what we have felt about it too. Tracing a unique journey through history, culture and nature, James shows how the art of the past can perhaps offer lessons for our future on this planet.

Countryfile Plant Britain Countryfile Plant Britain is returning with an autumn special to update viewers on their big, ambitious two year project to get everyone planting to combat climate change and to help wildlife and our own well-being. Launched in November 2020, the project has an initial goal of planting 750,000 trees – one for every UK primary school starter in 2020 – with an additional seasonal focus on creating community gardens and planting wildflowers.

Autumnwatch The show returns this October for another series celebrating a season of change. As always, the series will tackle the environmental issues facing the world, both on and off screen. Broadcast live from Norfolk, the Isle of Mull and Castle Espie, it will include a variety of stories demonstrating the impact of climate change across the UK. The production team actively promote sustainable energy as best practice and the Watches were the world’s first Hydrogen powered outside broadcast.

BBC Panorama Special (w/t) BBC Climate Editor Justin Rowlatt presents this one-hour special for BBC Panorama. This year has seen record-breaking high temperatures in the Pacific Northwest and Canada, floods in Germany that swept away entire villages, a plague of mice in Australia’s New South Wales and dust storms from China sweeping thousands of miles to South Korea.

Using compelling new footage of extreme weather events, and interviews with those who filmed them, Panorama reveals the human stories behind the wildfires, floods and droughts that have devastated lives across the world in 2021.


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