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The BBC is reportedly developing a new drama on the case of unidentified serial killer known as 'Bible John', according to reports from Deadline. Production company Buccaneer Media are understood to be behind the development, which is in the early stages.

The drama will chart the 1968 case in which three women were killed after a night of dancing, triggering Scotland’s largest manhunt.

The suspect’s now-infamous moniker, Bible John, came after a key witness described a man who picked up women, yet quoted extensively from the Old Testament and frowned on adultery. Despite one of the biggest manhunts in Scottish history, these brutal killings remain unsolved more than 50 years on.

In 2021, the BBC aired a two-part documentary which explored the cases. In November 1969, Helen Puttock was found dead after she went out dancing at the Barrowland Ballroom with her sister.

She was the third woman to have been murdered in similar circumstances, and Glasgow detectives now feared that they were dealing with a serial killer.

The BBC declined to comment when approached.

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