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This new co commission for BBC Three and BBC Northern Ireland tells the devastating story of how a university student from Northern Ireland became the UK’s most prolific predatory ‘catfish.’

Told from multiple perspectives, this three part series uncovers the criminal investigation to bring him to justice and reveals the catastrophic impact on victims and their families as well as those who knew him best.

In 2018, the Police Service of Northern Ireland were first made aware of the case when Scottish police alerted them to a ‘catfish' incident involving inappropriate images of a young girl. Detectives began an investigation into the young criminal’s use of fake profiles to befriend hundreds of victims that ended up stretching across the world as far as America and New Zealand.

This series documents the international criminal investigation and brings to light the shocking scale of his global campaign.

Bait (w/t) 3x30 is produced by Belfast-based production company DoubleBand Films. The Executive Producer is Natalie Maynes, Series Director is Ben O'Loan, and Series Producer is Sharon Whittaker.


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