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Australian drama Bad Behaviour has been acquired for BBC Three and BBC iPlayer.

The 4 x 55’ series stars Jana McKinnon (We Children from Bahnhof Zoo) as 25-year-old ‘Jo’ Joanna Mackenzie who bumps into her old high school friend Alice Kang (Yerin Ha, Halo) and memories come flooding back of the brutal year they spent together at Silver Creek - the wilderness campus of an exclusive girls’ boarding school.

Back then, the two scholars immediately felt a close bond of friendship – that is, until the cool and manipulative Portia (Markella Kavenagh, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power) comes between them.

Bad Behaviour is a visceral ride into the epicentre of our teenage years where the decision to bully or be bullied has devastating consequences years later.

BBC Head of Programme Acquisition, Sue Deeks says: “We are delighted that these two series are joining our BBC Three and iPlayer line-up – they are very different in tone, but both feature characters that viewers will empathise and engage with as they deal with the complexities of life.”

The shows were acquired for the BBC from NBCUniversal Global Distribution.


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