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In the summer of 2020 Ashley Banjo was thrust into the centre of the Black Lives Matter movement.

The pro equality routine performed by Diversity, one of the most complained about moments in OFCOM’s history, suddenly cast Ashley and his fellow dancers into the political spotlight, and at the centre of a vicious twitter pile on.

The lines between entertainment, politics and history blurred. A year on from that moment and having won a BAFTA as a recognition of the importance of it, Ashley is going on a journey into his own past and also a journey of discovery into British History.

This history is one that has stubbornly remained outside the canon of British history – the black civil rights movement in the UK. Part journey of discovery, part intimate biography, Ashley will reveal how race and racism have impacted upon his life and that of his family and friends.

Crucially, by meeting civil rights trailblazers from modern history, he will also try and understand what it means to take a stand. He’ll get firsthand testimony of the perils, positives and optimism of ‘standing up’. Armed with these stories and information, these trailblazers help him navigate his newly found purpose as champion for civil rights in the UK.


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