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Made by BBC Studios Entertainment productions, it’s now Anton’s turn to showcase his special place as he introduces Giovanni to a host of delights the southern European country has to offer.

There will be no time for siestas on this trip though, as Anton fell in love with Spain as a child, spending his school summer holidays with his Spanish family in the North of the country, so he is very excited for Giovanni to experience everything Spain has to offer from surfing to sangrias and from festivals to flamencos!

Anton Du Beke says: "My loves, it is such a treat for me to be able to take my dear friend Giovanni to a country that I hold so close to my heart. What a joy it is to be able to share this marvellously jovial jaunt with both Gio and all the wonderful viewers watching at home. Magnifico!"

Giovanni Pernice says: "I am so excited to be heading out for more adventures with my best friend Anton on this epic road trip across Spain, I just hope we manage to avoid being stopped by the police this time!"

Mel Balac, Creative Director, BBC Studios says: "We’re thrilled to be following the boys on another epic and intimate adventure. Hold tight for plenty of laughs, a few tears and some new look song and dance numbers in the Spanish sunshine."

Kalpna Patel-Knight, Head of Entertainment Commissioning at the BBC says: "Our dancing duo are hitting the road once again and with Anton having a genuine love of the country that he wants to showcase to Giovanni, Spain is the perfect place for the boys to explore on their next adventure."

Their first outing together, Anton and Giovanni’s Adventures in Sicily, entertained an average audience of 3.1M when it debuted earlier in 2023, with 548K watching on iPlayer, making up a fifth of total viewing to the series (18%).

With Anton and Giovanni proving to be a popular combo with this being the 10th biggest audience for an Entertainment series across the BBC in 2023 so far and also the 10th biggest iPlayer audience for an Entertainment commission [BARB 28day 4-screen] this year.

The first series, Anton and Giovanni’s Adventures in Sicily, is available to watch now via BBC iPlayer.

Anton and Giovanni’s Adventures in Spain will be broadcast in 2024 on BBC One and BBC iPlayer.


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