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Following the launch of Alone UK earlier this month on Channel 4, Seasons 6-9 of the USA version are now available to stream online.

Completely isolated in the Canadian wilderness, ten survivalist experts compete to be the last one standing and win a life-changing cash prize. With limited resources and predators on the prowl, witness every step of their journey to survival.

Dropped, COMPLETELY ALONE, with NO camera crew, in the remote wilderness of north-west Canada, each of them has challenged themselves to take part in the most pure and extreme competition on TV - Alone.

Each person must fend for themselves and survive for as long as possible, equipped with only a handful of basic tools, whilst filming their own adventure. The rules are simple but uncompromising: the last person standing wins a huge cash prize

For the UK version, contestants are aged from 19 to 58 years old, these competitors are not die-hard survivalists; they are ordinary people seeking an extraordinary challenge, whose lives have brought them to this moment for different reasons. Their stories unfold as their time in the wilderness reveals their truest selves.

The series is not only a bare-knuckle survival challenge, but also gives an insight into the human spirit against all the odds.

Alone USA is available to stream on Channel 4 now.


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