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999: On The Frontline | Series 9 Preview (Channel 4)

999: On the Front Line is back with a brand-new series. From cardiac arrests and road traffic accidents, to suspected strokes and seizures, this series follows a typical 12-hour shift with the paramedics of West Midlands Ambulance Service.

Filmed during the spring, when the pandemic and hospital waiting times continued to bite, the ambulance service has never been busier. In this episode, Paramedics respond to reports of a patient in cardiac arrest.

When they arrive, there's no answer at the door. Concerned that an elderly relative is attempting CPR inside, they break down two sets of doors to gain entry. Inside they discover an exhausted wife who, despite her own physical problems, has been trying to save her husband's life.

Later in the shift, a businessman suddenly loses his vision while driving on the motorway. He manages to pull over at a service station and calls for help. On arrival the paramedics are immediately concerned that he's had a cardiac event and start tests straight away.

A few miles away, a PE lesson at school ends abruptly when a young boy has an epileptic seizure. When his parents and the paramedics grow increasingly concerned that he's not recovering as fast as he normally would, he is transported to hospital for tests.

The busy shift continues when a man who suffers from MS falls awkwardly in his home. The paramedics suspect he's broken his hip. The man insists he's alright, but they suspect he's masking the pain of a significant injury...

999: On The Frontline returns Monday 16th January on Channel 4.


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