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A look ahead at some of the comedies airing in the year to come.

Everyone Else Burns, Channel 4

Coming soon to Channel 4, Everyone Else Burns is an irreverent new six-part comedy set in a fictional Christian community and centred around a family headed by patriarch David (Simon Bird).

The Curse, Channel 4

The second season of The Curse joins the gang eighteen months on from the dramatic airport escape, arrest, and murderous ending of the season one finale.

Bad Education, BBC Three

Bad Education the series welcomes a brand-new intake of unruly students to Abbey Grove as two former classmates, world class diva Stephen (Layton Williams) and soon-to-be-family-man-with-responsibilities Mitchell (Charlie Wernham) find themselves at the other side of the desk as newly qualified - or not - teachers.

The Cleaner, BBC One

The UK’s favourite crime scene cleaner is back. Series 2 of The Cleaner sees Wicky (Greg Davies) encounter yet another variety of larger than life characters, all in the wrong place at the wrong time. And as his luck will have it, there’s also a pub in desperate need of mopping up.

Juice, BBC Three

Juice follows Jamma (Mawaan Rizwan) who desperately wants to be the centre of attention, but his family are constantly stealing his thunder. Mum, Farida (Shahnaz Rizwan), always makes everything about her, Dad, Saif (Jeff Mirza), ignores him and brother, Isaac (Nabhaan Rizwan), steals the limelight at work – the one place Jamma feels like he’s doing well.

The Family Pile, ITV1

The series will be a comedic exploration of one of life’s big milestones, via four sisters who have lost their parents and are packing up the family home to sell. But even in grief their messy lives go on.

Significant Other, ITVX

Katherine Parkinson and Youssef Kerkour are the leads of Significant Other, a brand new comedic-drama from Nicola Shindler's Quay Street Productions (part of ITV Studios).

The Change, Channel 4

Linda - a 50-year-old working class married mother of two, is having an existential crisis. Who is she? What is she? Is this it? Convinced she’s got early onset dementia after forgetting what a shoe is called, Linda’s GP informs her it is, in fact, the menopause.

Entitled, Channel 4

Entitled follows Gabe (Gelman), an American widower who must get to know his British wife’s estranged family in their crumbling gothic mansion in the English countryside, they compete for his affections – and his newly inherited fortune.

Romantic Getaway, Sky Comedy

This six-part modern Bonnie and Clyde story sees couple Alison (Katherine Ryan) and Deacon (Romesh Ranganathan) desperate to have a child. After countless IVF attempts, they are faced with the possibility it might not happen.

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