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2021 has been a record year for TV and radio complaints to the OFCOM broadcasting team.

They’ve topped 150,000 – an increase of 124% on last year. This does not include complaints about the BBC, which are handled by the BBC in the first instance.

Top 10 most complained about moments of 2021:

  1. Good Morning Britain (8 March) - 54,595 complaints about Piers Morgan and discussion about Oprah's interview with the Duke And Duchess Of Sussex.

  2. Love Island (6 August) - 24,291 complaints about Fay's behaviour towards Teddy.

  3. Celebrities: What Happed To Your Face? - 7,125 complaints about remarks made on the appearance of several celebrities in the programme.

  4. Oprah with Meghan And Harry - 6,486 complaints about the interview.

  5. Love Island (28 July) - 4,337 complaints about the delivery of a postcard to Casa Amor.

6. Lorraine (6 December) - 3,769 complaints about Dr Hilary Jones' comments regarding the number of unvaccinated people in hospital.

7. Good Morning Britain (9 March) - 3,429 complaints about a variety of issues including Piers Morgan asking Charlotte Hawkins to stand so that viewers could see the skirt she was wearing.

8. Good Morning Britain (1 November) - 2,632 complaints about Dr Hilary Jones criticising a fake Coronavirus information leaflet, and then Richard Madeley tearing it up.

9. Good Morning Britain (1 June) - 2,104 complaints about a debate entitled 'Ditching unvaccinated friends?'

10. This Morning (26 February) - 1,942 complaints about a segment called 'How To Lose The Lockdown Pounds'.


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