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This Christmas, Magic Light Pictures, the multi Oscar-nominated production company, will be bringing the fabulous and timely Zog and the Flying Doctors to BBC One and BBC iPlayer, the sequel to the great 2018 success Zog.

Sir Lenny Henry will lead the cast as the Narrator, joined by Rob Brydon (Gavin & Stacey) as King, Patsy Ferran (Laurence Olivier award-winner) as Princess Pearl, Hugh Skinner (Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again) as Zog, as well as Daniel Ings (The Crown) as Sir Gadabout, Mark Bonnar (Quiz, Catastrophe) as Unicorn, Lucian Msamati (Talking Heads) as Lion and Alexandra Roach (Utopia) as Mermaid.

In Zog and the Flying Doctors, Zog, Pearl and Gadabout are now a flying doctor trio, caring for creatures including a mermaid, a unicorn and a sneezy lion. However, when bad weather forces them to land at the palace, Pearl is locked up by her uncle, the King. Zog and Gadabout try in vain to set her free. Pearl gets a chance to escape, but instead decides to stay and care for the ill King, in the process gaining his respect, regaining his love and with it her freedom.

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