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UKTV has commissioned a second series of Warbird Workshop (4x60') for its leading factual channel, Yesterday.

The series follows planes that have all played a significant part in military history but are now in need of drastic repairs, engineering expertise and time-consuming and costly restoration, from the workshop to the runway and, hopefully, back into the air.

UKTV's Kirsty Hanson said: "The fascinating history, the dramatic stories and the skilled and passionate people behind these machines and their journey back to life are just wonderful. These are the stories we look to tell in a Yesterday commission and I'm so pleased Air TV have brought us more of them. "

Air TV's Ian Cundall added: "We're excited to be bringing some more amazing old warplanes back to life on Yesterday. From the iconic Hurricane to the extraordinary Waterbird Seaplane these aircraft have helped to write history. Several of the production team are pilots ourselves and we hope our passion shines through in the show."

Yesterday's Gerald Casey said: "The engineering and perseverance that goes into putting these astonishing machines back into the air is incredible. I'm thrilled Air TV can bring us more of these stories and I'm sure the Yesterday viewers are going to love them. "

Warbird Workshop has completed filming and will air on Yesterday in April 2021.


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