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You've Been Framed!, the legendary comedy clip show, has been axed by ITV after more than 30 years, TV Zone understands. This has been confirmed by The Sun.

The series, which has aired over 700 episodes across 30 series on ITV1, was most recently narrated by comedian Harry Hill. Previous presenters included Jeremy Beadle, Lisa Riley and Jonathan Wikes.

The long-running programme relied on viewers to send in their funny clips. If their clip was selected for transmission, they received £250.

A source told The Sun: "The fact that You’ve Been Framed has been shelved is a sad sign of the times. It’s a different world to Jeremy Beadle’s heyday. Why would viewers tune in to a show featuring funny videos when they could see the same sort of thing on the internet?..

"Silly clips are hugely popular on social media and the right video can go viral. There’s a thrill in achieving that — even though you don’t earn the £250 fee which You’ve Been Framed paid for contributions.”

TV Zone understands that the production has ceased on the programme. All episodes which are to be repeated on ITV2 in the coming months will have the contact information removed, and the show's official website and contact form have also closed.

Watch previous episodes on ITVX.


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