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Two Doors Down, the hugely popular Scottish sitcom, set in the fictional suburban street of Latimer Crescent, will be returning to BBC Two and BBC iPlayer later this year with brand new episodes and a Christmas special, which sees the neighbours test their friendships to the limit.

Bursting with comic vitality, acid-tongued put downs and ultimate awkwardness these very funny, frequently exasperating, new episodes bring us back in to the world of these memorable characters who we, probably, wouldn’t want to have living next door.

Beth (Arabella Weir) and Eric’s (Alex Norton) peaceful suburban existence is continually punctured by the inappropriate behaviour of their fellow residents, who are often rude about their hospitality and frequently outstay their welcome.

Lifelong hypochondriac Christine (Elaine C Smith) never misses an opportunity to sponge a cuppa off Beth while undermining her at the same time.

Colin (Jonathan Watson) needs his neighbours more than ever this series as his wife Cathy has left him and now lives abroad, but he can’t help oversharing personal details.

And ever-positive Michelle (Joy McAvoy) continues to struggle with hapless Alan’s (Graeme Stevely) imperfections. It seems Beth and Eric’s only support comes in the form of loving son Ian (Jamie Quinn) and his wide-eyed fiancé Gordon (Kieran Hodgson). Siobhan Redmond will also join the cast as a new series regular.

Steven Canny, Executive Producer for BBC Studios Comedy which makes the series in Scotland, says: “It’s such a pleasure and privilege to be back making Two Doors Down...

"It’s a phenomenal crew, a brilliantly funny cast and the beautifully crafted scripts are a constant source of surprise and delight sprinkled with cruelty. I’m really looking forward to the audience seeing the new ways we’ve found to torment poor Beth and Eric.”

Seb Barwell, Commissioning Editor at the BBC says: “We’re delighted to bring six series up for Two Doors Down, a show that continues to delight audiences with its miniature masterpieces of contained comedy.”

Series 6 is currently filming on location in the Glasgow area and at BBC Scotland’s Dumbarton Studios.

Series 1 - 5 of Two Doors Down are available to watch now on BBC iPlayer.


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