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Following a successful first series, BBC One Daytime has commissioned series two of The Travelling Auctioneers from STV Studios, with an exciting new presenting line up.

Auctioneering expert and original Travelling Auctioneer, Christina Trevanion, will return for the 20 x 45’ series.

Before winning a gold medal at the Invictus Games and lighting up the Strictly ballroom, JJ was a craft, design and technology teacher, and he plans to put his broad range of DIY and restoration skills to good use as part of the Travelling Auctioneers team.

Star of Quest’s The Woodland Workshop, Robin is also something of a restoration maestro, having worked as a design and technology teacher before setting up his own successful business specialising in bespoke metal and wood furniture.

And Izzie is one of the UK’s most popular auctioneering experts, having won a legion of fans through her appearances on Antiques Road Trip and Bargain Hunt. She also leads a specialist jewellery and silver department in a busy Wiltshire salesroom.

The new series will see Christina, JJ, Robin and Izzie split off into pairs and take their travelling auction house and workshop out on the road across the UK. Along the way, they’ll unearth hidden gems and turn unwanted items into winning lots.

Sifting through one family home at a time, the team will first need to identify the items with the biggest selling appeal. Christina and Izzie will then call on their auctioneer contacts and expertise, whilst JJ and Robin use their incredible craft and restoration skills to bring new life to neglected treasures – ready for a thrilling on-site auction at the end of each episode.

Christina Trevanion says: “I’m thrilled that The Travelling Auctioneers is coming back for another series and itching to get back out on the road in our trusty little blue van! We’ll once again be covering the length and breadth of the country to see what treasures we can uncover and what beautiful pieces we can give a new lease of life to.

“It’s really exciting to welcome Izzie, JJ and Robin to the Travelling Auctioneers family – their combined skills and experience will be a huge asset to our team.”

JJ Chalmers says: “The fact that I trained and worked as a craft, design and technology teacher is often overlooked. That’s probably owing to the fact that my life has certainly gone in an unexpected direction since those days, from Helmand, to the Invictus Games, to my career as a TV presenter.

“But in real life, I'm happiest in my workshop, and whilst I've let cameras into it in recent years, I'm now very happy to be heading out on the road with The Travelling Auctioneers. I can't wait to discover more forgotten treasures in need of restoration; after all, I know more than most about second chances!”

Robin Johnson says: “I have a lifelong passion for woodworking and furniture-making, so to be able to travel across the country using those skills to help bring beautiful items back from the brink is a dream gig!”

Izzie Balmer says: "I’m delighted to be joining the Travelling Auctioneers team and going on the hunt for items in need of some TLC. Seeing the happy smiles from owners as we raise money for them at auction will be the real jewel in the crown."

Muslim Alim, Commissioning Editor for BBC Daytime says: “The Travelling Auctioneers is back and has an exciting new presenter line-up which I know audiences are going to love. They each bring their specialist knowledge and audiences will get to see them work their magic on some forgotten items hidden in homes around the UK.”

John Redshaw, Executive Producer for STV Studios, says: “We were taken aback by the huge popularity of the first series of The Travelling Auctioneers, despite having a hunch that combining our charming presenters with a unique new format and some wonderful contributors would be a likely recipe for success.

“Now with an extended order, and an ‘Auctioneering A-Team’ in Christina, JJ, Robin and Izzie, we’re looking forward to unearthing more heart-warming stories and taking the show to new heights in series two.”


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