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Jordan Gray has written and produced a new ITV comedy series, Transaction, based on the comedy shorts produced for Comedy Central in 2020.

Produced by Stolen Picture, the sitcom will see Jordan Gray in the leading role as a supermarket worker, with Nick Frost playing her boss and Thomas Gray as her best friend and work colleague.

Transaction follows narcissist Liv (Jordan Gray) and long-suffering friend and supervisor Tom (Thomas Gray) as they work the nightshift at a national supermarket. More details and further casting will be announced by ITV in due course.

The series of shorts recorded over 2.5 million views since it landed online in 2020 (originally produced for Comedy Central).

The series has not been officially announced by ITV, though it's expected to air on ITV2 and ITVX. Viewers may recognise Jordan Gray from her audition on The Voice UK in 2016 - becoming the show's first ever transgender contestant.

All images used in this article are from the Comedy Central shorts (2020).


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