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Traces returns to Alibi for a second series later this year.

The second series will see Molly Windsor (Make Up, Cheat) reclaim her role as Emma Hedges, alongside Martin Compston (Line of Duty, The Nest) as Daniel Macafee, Laura Fraser (The Pact, Better Call Saul) as Prof. Sarah Gordon, Jennifer Spence (Trigger Me, You Me Her) as Prof. Kathy Torrance and Michael Nardone (The Night Manager, Guilt) as DCI Neil McKinven.

Set in Scotland and exploring the world of SIFA, the Scottish Institute of Forensic Science, series one introduced Emma Hedges (Windsor), Prof. Sarah Gordon (Fraser) and Prof. Kathy Torrence (Spence) who together used the rigors of forensic science to uncover the truth about the murder of Emma's mother.

Series two will continue to delve into the world of forensic science, as the women of SIFA carefully analyse traces of evidence to help get to the bottom of who's behind a series of cruel bombings in Dundee. The city is on edge as the pressure rises to identify the mystery bomber before the next bomb goes off.


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