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The show sees four people all claim to be the same person and all own the same house. The catch - three of them are actors. At stake is a cash prize, and all the real homeowner has to do to win is tell the truth.

This is MY House starts on Wednesday 24 March at 9pm on BBC One and will also be available on BBC iPlayer.

Interview: BBC Press

Tell us about your role on the show.

Aside from head snack eater, along with a panel of lovely and amazing people, I’ll be watching four random people claiming to be the owner of a mysterious house. We’ll receive clues and through the process of elimination, we are trying to work out who’s the real owner of that house. It’s a fun discussion, where we have to work out who is the real fibber.

What made you want to be a part of the show?

I was told I had to sit in a gorgeous house, eating snacks with Bill Bailey, doing a bit of people watching and nosing around other people’s houses… it’s ideal really!

Who had the best eye for honesty on the panel?

It was interesting because I think we all thought we’d be really good judges of character and figure it out straight away, but it was SO much harder than we thought!

What were you looking for when trying to identify the real homeowner?

It changed all the time, which was another really interesting aspect during filming. The more we filmed the more we thought we could figure it out and learn from the last. It was quite funny when there was pets involved because we just assumed they would run straight to the owner, but they often didn’t. The dog was just generally confused as to why a load of strangers were in its owners' bedroom!

Were there any surprises or shocking moments during filming?

When we eventually found out who the real homeowners where, some of the reveals were definitely huge shocks! I think the biggest surprise was just how much harder it was to play than we thought. Viewers are going to get really hooked on guessing along at home.

What have you learnt about your fellow panellists?

I honestly have made lifelong friends out of them all! They are all absolute legends, and Jamali should actually be a detective, he got really stuck in with finding out the real homeowners, his commitment was really impressive.

Was there any competition between the panel?

Not at all, we all got on so well and laughed our entire way through it! I loved enjoying their company so much. I think the only actual competition was seeing who could polish off all the sweets quickest out of me and Judi!


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