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ITV have commissioned a third series of The Tower, starring Gemma Whelan, Tahirah Shariff, Jimmy Akingbola and Emmett J Scanlon, written by screenwriter Patrick Harbinson and produced by Windhover Films and Mammoth Screen.

The new series - The Tower 3: Gallowstree Lane is based on Kate London’s third novel, and is adapted by screenwriter Patrick Harbinson (Homeland, Fearless, 24) and produced by his company Windhover Films and leading production company, Mammoth Screen.

Starring alongside Gemma Whelan as DS Sarah Collins, is Tahirah Sharif, who was BAFTA-nominated for her role as PC Lizzie Adama for the first series, Jimmy Akingbola as DC Steve Bradshaw and Emmett J Scanlan as DI Kieran Shaw.

Screenwriter Patrick Harbinson said: "We’re delighted to be filming a third series of The Tower. Damien and I are very grateful to Polly Hill and ITV for the early commission...

"Gallowstree Lane has a high-stakes drugs and gangs storyline with Jimmy and Emmett’s characters taking major roles. Sarah and Lizzie have gripping and heart-breaking stories too, as the drama of Portland Tower comes full circle. I firmly believe series three will be our best yet."

Meanwhile, the second series of The Tower is coming to ITV1 and ITVX later this month. The series opens with Lizzie returning to Farlow station. Her boss and former lover, DI Kieran Shaw (Emmett J Scanlan), partners her with Arif Johar (Michael Karim).

Their first call is to a domestic violence complaint against Mark Brannon (Charley Palmer Rothwell), who is accused of beating up his girlfriend, Georgina Teel (Rosa Coduri) and terrorising their young daughter Skye.

Lizzie persuades Georgina to tell the truth about what Brannon has done to her, enabling Lizzie and Arif to arrest him. However, once the case gets to court Georgina’s testimony and the cross-examination doesn’t go according to plan, leading to tragedy and leaving the case on a knife-edge.

Mammoth Screen and Windhover Films will produce third the four-part drama in association with ITV Studios.


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