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The Circle gives each of the players an opportunity to anonymously ask their fellow players a question that’s on their mind, with the players taking it as a chance to sound out alliances and test people’s authenticity.

Andy and Dorothy (Scott) quiz Felix (Natalya) and Manrika about their Circle alliances; Syed (Hashu) questions Dorothy (Scott)’s knowledge of history; and Alice (Shabaz) shakes things up with a question for Felix (Natalya) about his relationship with Manrika.

Wanting to get to know the new player Tom (Pippa + Joey), Andy starts a group chat with him and Felix (Natalya). He starts by asking Tom (Pippa + Joey) about football, which is a topic Felix (Natalya) is keen to move away from…

Unaware that they are both catfish, new arrivals Alice (Shabaz) and Tom (Pippa + Joey) have a chat about settling into The Circle. Alice (Shabaz) questions Tom (Pippa + Joey) on who he might be making bonds with, but notices that Tom (Pippa + Joey) is keeping his cards close to his chest.

It’s time for the players to rate each other again, with newbies Alice (Shabaz) and Tom (Pippa + Joey) immune from the vote. With the five remaining players from Week 1 having only each other to rate, some long-running Circle bonds will be put to the test, and the two influencers will face one of the most difficult decisions of the game so far.

The Circle continues tonight at 10:20pm on Channel 4 and All4.


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