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Channel 5 announce the cast line up for psychological thriller The Catch (4 x 60’), based on The Sunday Times Bestselling author T.M. Logan’s novel of the same name.

Leading the cast is BAFTA-winner Jason Watkins as Ed Collier, a proud husband, father and local fisherman determined to do whatever it takes to keep his family together.

But when rich, handsome younger man Ryan Wilson, played by Aneurin Barnard, enters the life of his daughter Abbie Collier, Poppy Gilbert and threatens to take her away from him, Ed finds his life spiralling out of control.

Secrets and lies are exposed with every twist and turn, including from Ed’s own past. As he is faced with the very real possibility of losing everything he’s worked so hard to achieve, can Ed discover the truth about his daughter’s new boyfriend before it’s too late?

Also joining the cast are Cathy Belton (Hidden Assets, Miss Scarlet & The Duke, A Little Chaos, Philomena) as Ed’s wife Claire Collier, Academy Award-winner Brenda Fricker (My Left Foot, Home Alone 2: Lost in New York, Casualty, Holding) plays Ed’s mother-in-law Phyllis Doyle.

Ed’s best friend and business partner, Bob Chapman, will be played by Ian Pirie (Halo, Guilt, Chernobyl), while Jade Jordan (Redemption, You Are Not My Mother, Rosie) plays Abbie’s best friend Katz and newcomer Morgan Palmeria joins as smitten lifeguard George.

Jason Watkins comments: “I’ve always loved thrillers on screen and The Catch has all the ingredients to keep audiences hooked. Three dimensional characters, a family unit under stress, with a tragedy at the heart – all brilliantly framed in the thriller genre...

"I’m always looking for parts I may not have played before and Ed is a person in extremis, trying to do what’s best. Failing and succeeding in equal measure. It’s great to play a character so buffeted by events.”

Aneurin Barnard adds: “I am extremely looking forward to working on The Catch, there is such a wonderful group of talented people making this drama thriller. It’s so great to work in a calm environment with people who love story telling as much as I do...

"The script has a wonderful intensity which will deliver a gripping drama for audiences. The cast has a very close chemistry, which I hope delivers on the screen.”

Filming on the series has begun on location, with the series due to air this winter. The Catch will be adapted for the screen by Michael Crompton.


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