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Channel 5 has announced the commission of brand-new drama, The Au Pair. The new 4 x 60’ series – a co-production between French production company Pernel Media and the Irish company MK1 Studios – marks the first scripted commission from Pernel Media for the channel.

This compelling series, which is produced in association with ITV Studios, delves deep into the complexities of family, trust and hidden truths, against the backdrop of the picturesque British countryside.


The series stars Sir David Suchet (Poirot), Sally Bretton (Beyond Paradise, Not Going Out), Kenny Doughty (Vera, Stella) and in her British television debut, Ludmilla Makowski (Anthracite, Lupin).


The Au Pair follows Zoe Dalton (Sally Bretton), who seems to have it all— a successful husband Chris (Kenny Doughty), two adorable stepchildren, Amber and Noah, a thriving tailoring business and a gorgeous countryside home in a picturesque English town. However, all is not as it seems as she experiences marital issues and pressure mounts when her diabetic father, George (David Suchet), moves in next door.

Zoe reluctantly agrees to hire an Au Pair; in comes Sandrine (Ludmilla Makowski), a beguiling young French woman which triggers an unsettling shift in the household, as instincts and suspicions arise, hinting at hidden agendas and long-concealed truths.


Sebastian Cardwell, Deputy Chief Content Officer, Channel 5, commented: “This is a truly international collaboration and we’re delighted to be working with Pernel Media for the first time on this gripping new drama. We can’t wait to see this amazing cast bring this thrilling story to life!"


Samuel Kissous, President and Executive Producer for Pernel Media, adds:  “Pernel Media is very excited to have secured its first English-speaking drama series commission in the UK with Channel 5 on such a high-quality series – offering a smart storyline, premium production value and a stellar cast. This series highlights Pernel Media’s ability to bring international partners such as ITV Studios, CANAL+ Group and MK1 Studios together in order to deliver world-class drama.”  


Julie Ryan, Managing Director and Executive Producer for MK1, added: “We’re excited to collaborate with Pernel Media and Channel 5 on “The Au Pair”. This series, centering around a strong female narrative, promises to captivate and intrigue viewers with its exceptional cast. We believe the blend of suspense, emotional depth and stellar performances will make the show a must-watch.

The 4 x 60’ series’ is produced by Pernel Media and MK1 Studios, in association with ITV Studios.


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