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Guest hosts include former Culture Secretary, I'm A Celebrity contestant and serving MP Nadine Dorries.

Piers Morgan takes a week's holiday next week (w/c 24th October 2022), and his nightly Talk TV programme will have a string of guest hosts stepping into the hot seat throughout the week.

On Monday 24th and Tuesday 25th October, Nadine Dorries will be joined by journalist Emily Sheffield, former Editor of the Evening Standard, to take the reins of Piers Morgan Uncensored.

The following day, TalkTV’s Kate McCann will be presenting alongside The Sun’s Political Editor Harry Cole, and on Thursday best-selling author, Spectator commentator and Sun columnist Douglas Murray and Emily Sheffield will be at the helm.

Tory MP Nadine said: "I try to avoid TV these days and I'm not one of the MPs you find running across to the cameras on the green or in and out of TV studios but I'm excited about TalkTV and the opportunity to do this during what could turn out to be one of the most eventful weeks we have ever known in British politics."

Emily Sheffield said: “Next week the Conservative Party chooses a new leader again. And when I was asked to co-present Piers Morgan’s show, of which I am a regular contributor, I wanted Nadine Dorries MP to join me. And she immediately agreed.

“It’s going to be another maelstrom week in British politics. And I suspect Nadine will be in the centre of it. We rarely agree. And get on enormously. The Conservatives cannot choose another failed leader and risk our economic stability again...

"We will pick apart the soap opera antics and give you a true inside view of what’s happening in Westminster next week. And on this show we’ll be fostering open, passionate debate. Nadine and I have strongly differing views in politics but we share them with each other in good humour.”

Kate McCann said: "There couldn't be a better moment for two political obsessives like me and Harry to take over Piers Morgan's show for a night - with so much to talk about we can't wait."

Harry Cole said: "With everything going on in politics right now an hour is barely long enough to scratch the surface, but we've got some great guests up our sleeve - we just don't know if one of them might end up being the Prime Minister by next Wednesday..."

He added: "The last time we were supposed to present a show together one of us came down with Covid and the other fainted on live TV - we're hoping to cause a little less chaos this time - there's enough of that around already."

Douglas Murray said: “I am very excited to be in the chair for Piers Morgan next week at a time when British politics has never been in greater turmoil. It will be a great chance to discuss the issues of the day as they happen, with the best guests, and the straightest talkers."

Richard Wallace, Head of TV, News UK Broadcasting, said: “It’s set to be another explosive week in British politics, and this line up of guest hosts will be able to help TalkTV viewers analyse and dissect the issues that really matter as events unfold.”

You can watch Piers Morgan Uncensored on TalkTV. Find TalkTV on Sky 526, Virgin Media 606, Freeview 237, Freesat 217 and Sky Glass 508, live and on demand on the TalkTV app, streaming services and at Talk.TV.


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