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Channel 5 has announced today it has greenlit ‘Susan Calman’s Antiques Adventure’.

The series is set to be stripped across five nights and will be an antiques extravaganza for viewers, with Susan at the helm delving deep into the wonderful world of hidden treasures and collectables.

Susan will be joined by three established and respected antiques experts – Natasha Raskin Sharp, Danny Sebastian and Paul Martin – who will advise and guide her along the way, as she learns the ropes and finds out what it takes to be successful in the antiques world.

The series will also look at the antiques of the future, through the eyes of Collectors - from trainers to VHS cassettes and much more - who believe they are sitting on a fortune. It will also include an insiders’ guide to spotting fakes and forgeries, plus the daily Dealer’s Den will see members of the public bringing their cherished antiques to be valued - and, if the price is right, also sent to auction.

At the end of the series, Susan will be putting all her newly acquired knowledge and experience to the test, as she steps up to the rostrum at her very own Charity Auction, where viewers will be able to bid for and buy some of the hand-picked and/or restored antiques featured across the week.

The series will be filmed at Hemswell Antiques in Lincolnshire, the UK and Europe’s largest antiques centre and aims to be an accessible, fun, and no-nonsense guide to the world of antiques.

Susan Calman said: “I’m ready to blow the dust off some Antiques and have a big adventure with the help of some new friends. I may not be an expert but I’m enthusiastic with a lot to learn and I can’t wait for my crash course into the world of collectables. If nothing else we'll have a lot of fun!"

Dan Louw, Commissioning Editor for Channel 5 added: “We’re thrilled to be working with Susan again, and her foray into the world of antiques is sure to be hilarious, instructive and unpredictable.”

Filming for the series will commence in November and is expected to transmit on Channel 5 later this year.


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