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Strictly Come Dancing, the iconic BBC Entertainment series and one of the UK’s most cherished programmes, is gearing up to celebrate two decades of glitz, glamour and memorable moves with a special episode coming to BBC One and BBC iPlayer later this year.

Made by BBC Studios Entertainment Productions, an unmissable one-off programme has been commissioned that promises a journey through 20 years of unforgettable entertainment featuring iconic performances and plenty of heart-warming interviews with past celebrity stars, professional dancers, and judges.

Since the first episode debuted on BBC One on the evening of Saturday 15 May 2004, Strictly Come Dancing has gone on to not only become a critically acclaimed and multi-award winning hit - with the most recent win coming at the weekend as the show won in the Best Entertainment category for the third time at the BAFTA TV Awards 2024 - but it has also become a global phenomenon, licensed to 61 territories and becoming a truly great British export.

The programme will showcase why Strictly Come Dancing has captured the hearts of the nation for the past 20 years as one of the BBC’s best known and well-loved programmes.

The most recent series once again confirmed as the BBC’s biggest Entertainment title with an average of 9.0m tuning into the main show (28 Day BARB 4-Screens) and achieving 46.5m iPlayer Hours in 2023 (an increase of 5.4m/13% from 2022).

Kalpna Patel-Knight, Head of Entertainment at the BBC says: “Strictly Come Dancing is more than just a TV show, it has become an integral part of British culture, bringing families together and inspiring viewers of all ages to embrace the joy of dance. Throughout its 20-year history, the show has launched careers, sparked trends, and touched the hearts of millions with its dazzling performances, emotional journeys, and unforgettable moments and we will be showcasing it all in this very special programme.”

Suzy Lamb, Managing Director, BBC Studios Entertainment said: “From glittering Ballroom numbers to high-energy Latin routines, the show continues to push the boundaries of dance and entertainment and we want viewers to join us in raising a toast to 20 years of sparkle and shine in the Strictly Come Dancing ballroom.”

More details, including broadcast information for this special on-off programme, will be confirmed in due course.

Currently Untitled Strictly Anniversary Programme (1 x 75’) is a BBC Studios Entertainment Production for BBC One and BBC iPlayer.


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