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The songs and dance styles for this week's episode of Strictly Come Dancing have been revealed.

Adam and Luba: American Smooth to Magic Moments by Perry Como

Annabel and Johannes: Tango to Need U Tonight by INXS

Angela R and Kai: Charleston to Murder She Wrote (TV Theme)

Angela S and Carlos: Paso Doble to BLACK swan SWAN lake by District 78

Bobby and Dianne: Cha Cha to Come-On-A-My-House by Della Reese

Ellie and Vito: Salsa to Murder On The Dancefloor by Sophie Ellis-Bextor

Krishnan and Lauren: Viennese Waltz to Kiss From A Rose by Seal

Layton and Nikita: Tango to Vampire by Olivia Rodrigo

Nigel and Katya: Cha Cha to I Was Made For Lovin’ You by KISS

Zara and Graziano: Charleston to Jeepers Creepers by Al Donahue and his Orchestra

Strictly Come Dancing continues Saturday and Sunday night on BBC One and iPlayer.


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