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PREVIEW: Street To Catwalk, BBC Three

The world of modelling is changing and Manchester is its new beating heart. Northern fashion power houses are taking over, and are redefining what it means to be a model today.

It’s about more than just pretty boys, and the need for girls to be skinny and over 6ft tall. Models: Street To Catwalk is back, and once again we go behind the door of Nemesis, one of Manchester's leading agencies, as they search for the next generation of top models.

Watch as young hopefuls, each facing their own unique challenges, try to make it in the glamorous but uber-competitive world of fashion. Follow Jordaine, a self-described “short, big bummed black girl” dreaming of a way out of her low-wage catering job in Huddersfield. Watch Hal, from Merseyside, as he tries to stay out of prison to keep his modelling hopes alive.

Could Kyra be the game-changer Nemesis boss Nigel is after? A size 18 with Vitiligo, a condition where patches of skin lose their pigment, the shy teen has overcome so much in her life already. And can Juan regain his confidence after he’s slashed across the face in a savage knife attack on a night out in the city?

Available on BBC iPlayer as a 4-episode boxset from 6am on Sunday 8 August.

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