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Sort Your Life Out will be returning to BBC One and iPlayer for a fourth series, and will once again be fronted by Stacey Solomon.

Sort Your Life Out is much more than a traditional home makeover. Houses are emptied of every possession and laid before each family so they can decide what stays, plus what must be discarded, sold or recycled.

Meanwhile, Stacey’s expert team, consisting of carpenter king Robert Bent, organiser supreme Dilly Carter and Iwan Carrington the cleaning extraordinaire, transform the living space in time for the possessions to be moved back in, and the big reveal.

Stacey and the whole team will be returning to challenge more families to get rid of half their clutter, providing an abundance of helpful hacks and tidying tips for viewers along the way.

Old furniture will be given a new lease of life, awkward living spaces turned into ingenious hidden storage, and plenty of organising solutions on how to sort out our stuff.

BBC Commissioning Editor, Beejal-Maya Patel previously said: “Sort Your Life Out is perfect television. These heart-warming stories of families overwhelmed by possessions and reluctant to let go of the past, is something we can all relate to. Stacey, Dilly, Rob and Iwan do such a sensational job of not only revamping the house, but of transforming the families lives for the long-term. I’m thrilled we’ll get to see it return.”

Sort Your Life Out returns later this year to BBC One and iPlayer.

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