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The show where Fred Sirieix sets a challenge for top chefs to create some of our best-loved snacks returns.

For the start of the new series, Fred sets two leading chefs the extraordinary challenge of creating a perfect replica of a lunchbox legend - a packet of Quavers. These curly, cheesy snacks are easy to take for granted, but recreating them proves to be a near-impossible task for Anna Haugh and Aktar Islam.

Anna, from upmarket Chelsea restaurant Myrtle, learned her trade from the likes of Gordon Ramsay. Aktar Islam is renowned as a highly technical chef and holds a Michelin star at high-class Opheem in his home city, Birmingham.

Both chefs need to draw on their decades of fine dining experience - not to mention some ingenious repurposing of household gadgets - as they attempt to replicate the finer details of Quavers' delicate texture and cheesy taste. After seven days and seven sleepless nights, the chefs cook their replicas head to head for a panel of Quavers big cheeses, who will pick a winner.

As the chefs cook, Jayde Adams heads deep into the Quavers factory to find out what our chefs have got right and where they're going wrong.

In the second episode, Fred Sirieix sets two leading chefs the challenge of creating a perfect replica of Domino's pepperoni passion pizza. The pepperoni passion is the brand's top-selling pizza in the UK, and a world away from the high-class cuisine usually served by the chefs.

Snackmasters returns on Thursday 10th December at 8pm on Channel 4.


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