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Disney+ has released first look images and the launch date of “Sam – A Saxon”. It is the first Original Series produced out of Germany, which will premiere with all seven episodes on Disney+ on 26 April.

"Sam - A Saxon" is based on the incredible true story of Samuel "Sam" Njankouo Meffire, East Germany's first Black police officer. The gripping series follows Sam on his journey to find a place to call home and his fight for justice against an overpowering system.

It shows his childhood as an outsider, marked by the murder of his father; his rapid rise as a symbolic figure and media sensation of a new Germany, and Sam's downfall becoming an internationally wanted public enemy. The highly emotional and thrilling series shows a captivating and new perspective on Germany.

International Emmy Award® winner Jörg Winger ("Deutschland83/86/89"), who is also showrunner for "Sam - A Saxon," Sebastian Werninger (both Big Window Productions) and Tyron Ricketts (Panthertainment) are the producers of the seven-part miniseries. “Sam – A Saxon” is executive produced by Leslie-Alina Schäfer and produced by Naomi Marne (Big Window Productions). The series is created by Tyron Ricketts, Jörg Winger and Christoph Silber ("Nordwand").

"Sam - A Saxon" is based on the biography of Samuel "Sam" Njankouo Meffire. Malick Bauer (“Frau Jordan stellt gleich“, “Wir“) assumes the title role; Alex - Sam's mentor, with whom he shares the experience of being a Black German - is played by Tyron Ricketts. Svenja Jung, Luise von Finckh, Carina Wiese, Paula Essam, Ivy Quainoo, Thorsten Merten, Martin Brambach, Nyamandi Adrian, Aristo Luis, Daniel Klare and more also star.

"Sam – A Saxon" is the first German Disney+ Original Series to launch on the streaming-service.


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