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Rise & Fall | Episode 10 Preview (Channel 4)

On tonight’s episode of Rise and Fall, the Red Room fall vote hangs in the balance. Connor has received two votes while Cheryl has three and the deciding vote lies with Jack. Who will be next to fall?

In the Basement, Ramona is stunned to discover how close Sydney and Jack have become during their time on the show. Sydney confirms: “Me and Jack are very close”.

A shocked Ramona plots to use this new information to her benefit as she plans her route back to the Penthouse: “Jack and Sydney are a thing. Who would have known? So the fact that I’ve found that out – bonus!... Them two together in that Penthouse is the perfect alliance for me.”

Ramona isn’t the only one hoping to leave the Basement. Sydney, Moses and Rossi also want out. Moses declares it’s time for “Operation Get Moses Out of the Basement” while Sydney wants another shot at the Penthouse, too.

Rossi says he wants to try a bit of Penthouse life: “I’m sure I would make a great Ruler, but I think it’s more dog-eat-dog up there and that’s what scares me.” Following the latest Red Room vote, tensions continue to grow in the Penthouse as James reveals he overheard a conversation between Cheryl, Connor and Matt about voting him out. James declares Matt’s “days are numbered”.

A shock is in store for the Rulers when they are told they must choose one of them to fall and become a Grafter. Will allegiances stand strong, or will the Rulers turn on those they thought close?

Rise & Fall continues tonight at 10pm on Channel 4.

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