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A brand new co-commission by BBC Two and BBC Wales will see Reunion Hotel open its doors to those longing for a life-affirming reunion.

From giving thanks to life saving heroes, romantic reunions and emotional homecomings, to the ex-pupil reunited with the teacher who changed his life, everyone’s welcome to check-in to the Reunion Hotel.

Each episode, produced by Caernarfon based production company Darlun, will feature stories filled with emotion and warmth as guests reconnect and get the chance to say the things they never got to say.

Playing a central role in welcoming the guests and putting them at ease ahead of that meeting they may have waited years, or even a lifetime for, will be BBC One Show presenter Alex Jones.

Alex says: “To be able to play an integral part in the reunion of lost friendships, family members and past loves is very exciting. I’m so looking forward to checking into the hotel to help bring these heart-warming stories to life, and helping the guests reconnect with a piece of their lives they thought had been lost.”

A key part of the identity of the series will be its location. With a hotel located within north east Wales, each reunion is rooted in the surrounding areas, or those with a connection to this part of Wales, creating amazing moments of true emotion and human connection.

Patrick Holland, Director of Factual, Arts & Classical Music says: “Focussing on re-connecting us with people who played a major role in our lives, this format from Darlun promises to be joyous, celebratory and emotional...

"I think the series chimes with a major desire in the audience for community and connection. I’m delighted that Reunion Hotel will be the first major co-commission for BBC network and BBC Wales in the Across the UK initiative.”

Reunion Hotel’s 6x60’ episodes will air on BBC Two in early 2023.


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