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The BBC has commissioned Reunion, an emotional thriller of revenge and redemption, which follows the journey of Brennan, a deaf man determined to right his wrongs, while unravelling the truth behind the events that led him to prison.

Produced by Warp Films, the four-part series for BBC One and BBC iPlayer, is written by William Mager, a deaf writer originally from Sheffield, who will also executive produce. It is set and filmed in and around Sheffield and Doncaster.

Reunion features Brennan, who embodies the struggle of a man caught between two worlds, unable to fully integrate into the hearing world and shunned by the deaf community. Amidst this isolation, Brennan's only meaningful relationship is with his estranged daughter Ellen, who he hasn't seen in over a decade while he’s been in prison.

It promises to be a milestone in inclusive storytelling, with the majority of the cast being deaf or using British Sign Language (BSL). There will also be a number of opportunities for deaf crew members.

William Mager, writer and executive producer says: “I wanted to address a difficult topic that’s mostly unique to the deaf community in the vehicle of a mystery thriller that educates audiences about what it’s like to be deaf, without falling into the usual tropes of ‘deep, rich and beautiful sign language’ and ‘living in a silent world’. We have an incredible wealth of deaf acting talent in this country, and I can’t wait to see what they can do.”

Mark Herbert, executive producer, says: “At Warp Films we are dedicated to supporting ground-breaking narratives. Reunion is more than a drama, it's a testament to the power of storytelling as a bridge between worlds.”

Gwen Gorst, executive producer, adds: “From the beginning, we were blown away by the exceptional quality of William’s script and its potential to redefine television storytelling. His writing comes from a place of real emotional honesty, bringing true authenticity into the narrative.”

Lindsay Salt, Director of BBC Drama, adds: “This emotionally resonant series not only challenges conventional storytelling norms but also showcases the power of redemption and the enduring bonds of family. I’m really looking forward to seeing William’s brilliant vision come to life on screen in Reunion and thrilled to be working with him alongside Gwen, Mark and the team at Warp Films.”

Reunion (4 x 60) is a Warp Films production for BBC One and BBC iPlayer.


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