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Chabuddy G hits the Love Island villa this Friday (17th March) on BBC one to turn heads for Red Nose Day. You thought Love Island was over? Well it’s not, there’s one more bombshell that’s about to enter the villa.

We caught up with Chabuddy to hear the latest on his experience in South Africa.

Do you think that you will turn any heads in the Love Island Villa?

Let me just say this, I hope there's a chiropractor in the willa because every girl in there will be getting vhiplash from all the head turning m8!

What is Chabuddy G’s ideal type on paper?

My type on paper is a kind, sweet, caring and beautiful girl. My type off paper is aunties aged 45+, especially the Karen types, I love a bossy woman.

What was your highlight from filming?

I think the highlight was the sun, I have no thigh gap so there was a lot of friction burning going on in the willa so by the end of it all I was completely soaked in aloe wera.

Why did you want to get involved with Comic Relief? What does the charity mean to you?

This is my 3rd time teaming up with Comic relief. First we did the Kurupt FM X Ed Sheeran sketch then after that I did the BA Safety wideo! Richard Curtis can't get enough of us mate! All jokes aside charity is wery important but Richard chill out m8, play a bit hard to get with us!

How would you sum up the love island sketch in one word?


Comic Relief: Red Nose Day is this Friday from 7pm on BBC one.

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