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The latest +7 day consolidated ratings for programmes shown or released have been released by BARB. The top-50 breakdown can be found on BARB's website here.

Unsurprisingly, Britain's Got Talent dominated the week. Sunday night's final topped the week and was watched by 6,035,000. Across the week, the semi-finals were watched by 5,258,000, 5,149,000, 4,806,000, 4,679,000 and 4,810,000 respectively.

Just behind the BGT final was the final of Race Across The World with a consolidated audience of 5,988,000. Later that evening, BBC One aired a Reunion special to 3,312,000. The Great British Sewing Bee continued with 4,529,000 on Tuesday night.

The BBC's flagship Sunday night drama The Responder continued with 2,345,000. Have I Got News For You continued with 3,722,000 and the repeat of Michael McIntyre's The Wheel was watched by 2,502,000 on BBC One.

Elsewhere, Doctor Who continued with 3,383,000 on Saturday night, making Dot And Bubble the lowest rating episode ever. Though, this was the first time this series Doctor Who was the most-watched show on Saturday night, thanks to the absence of Britain's Got Talent on ITV.

In soaps, Coronation Street topped the week with 4,772,000 on Friday night. Emmerdale also hit a high on Friday night with 4,145,000. The highest rating episode of EastEnders was Monday night with 3,738,000. Casualty continued with 2,922,000.

All programmes mentioned above are available to stream on their respective broadcaster's platform.


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