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Big Proud Party Agency | Preview (BBC Three)

Party planners Ryan Lanji, Teddy Edwardes and Christopher Mills are used to creating parties, nights out and experiences that people won’t forget.

But this time, they’re treating someone who really deserves it to a bespoke party planned for them, through their help of their best friends.

Each episode sees Ryan, Teddy and Christopher pitch their party idea to the BFFs, competing with one another to get their plan chosen for the deserving Party Star. The BFFs work with their chosen party planner to make the perfect event just for them, in the company of their closest friends and family.

Our parties include a trans woman celebrating the anniversary of her gender confirmation, a surprise proposal for a social worker for children with additional needs, and a queer wrestler making a comeback to the ring. The stories are full of emotion and the parties are full of fun!

Teddy Edwardes says: “You should watch Big Proud Party agency because it’s fun, heart-warming, emotional, and you will really love the people we threw parties for!”

Ryan Lanji says: “You should watch Big Proud Party Agency because Ryan Lanji is an unforgettable legend, and rumour has it that it's Regina George’s favourite show so now it’s your favourite show.”

Christopher Mills says: “You should watch Big Proud Party Agency because the resurgence is coming and the disco needs YOU.”

Big Proud Party Agency starts on BBC Three on Wednesday 29 June at 9pm, with all episodes streaming on BBC iPlayer straight after.


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