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PREVIEW: We Are Who We Are, BBC Three

Acclaimed film director Luca Guadagnino’s first ever tv series, We Are Who We Are, is a coming-of-age story about two American teenagers who, along with their military and civilian families, live on an American military base in Northern Italy.

It’s a story about friendship, first loves, discovery, and all the unknowns - and potential - of being a teenager.

Episode one: Right Here Right Now Fraser is 14 and he has recently moved to an American military base in Veneto, Italy, from New York. While familiarising himself with his new surroundings and engaging in a complex relationship with his mother, a US Army Colonel who is soon due to take control of the military base, he meets the other American kids who live there. He struggles to fit in, but is especially intrigued by one person: the mysterious Caitlin.

Episode two: Right Here Right Now II Caitlin has her period for the first time, but the concept and expectations of femininity are already starting to feel tight. The previously close relationship with her father becomes strained. She leaves the house dressed as a boy to go and hang out in the local bar. Fraser follows her to find out what she gets up to.

Episode three: Right Here Right Now III Fraser and Caitlin become close. Unsure about their sexual identities, they understand each other. Their friendship creates a safe space in which Caitlin starts to consider the idea of a sex change, while Fraser develops a crush on a soldier in his mother’s chain of command.

Episode four: Right Here Right Now IV Soldier Craig is about to be deployed on a mission in Afghanistan. The feeling of impeding danger and the imminent departure of a key member of their group pushes the kids to embrace the present with unrestrained urgency, as they organise an impromptu send-off party at an abandoned villa.

Episode five: Right Here Right Now V Caitlin becomes more daring as she continues to experiment with her sexual identity. Meanwhile Fraser strikes up a connection with Jonathan.

Episode six: Right Here Right Now VI Caitlin’s father Richard tries to re-establish authority over his daughter. He takes her out on a hunting weekend, where he hopes their bond will be mended. But can he get through to her? Meanwhile, Jonathan and Fraser spend a day off-base together.

Episode seven: Right Here Right Now VII News of a terrible event reaches the US base in Chioggia, sending shockwaves of despair through the entire community and causing a fault-line to appear in Jack and Caitlin's friendship.

Episode eight: Right Here Right Now VIII And Last As Christmas approaches, Caitlin prepares to leave the base and move back to Chicago with her family. But she and Fraser had made plans to sneak off to Blood Orange concert in Bologna together, and Fraser insists they should press ahead...

Available on BBC iPlayer as an 8-episode boxset from 6am on Sunday 22 November


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