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PREVIEW: Gregg Wallace's Big Weekend Away, Channel 5

The presenter heads to Europe's oldest capital to explore a city that may have done more to shape the modern world than any other.

The Greek capital Athens' 5,000 years of history are still on show and Gregg Wallace samples as much of the food, history and culture as he can in a packed three-day trip.

Then, in the next episode, Gregg is in Istanbul, exploring the history of a city that has been the centre of three empires. He tours the street food stands on the Asian side of the Bosphorus, learns the centuries-old techniques of the baklava makers, joins a kebab master at his grill, and eats dishes that would have graced the tables in the Ottoman palaces of old.

Gregg finishes his weekend off with a special trip to an island just off the coast for a feast of traditional Turkish mezze.

Gregg Wallace's Big Weekends Away returns Friday at 8pm on Channel 5.

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