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PREVIEW: The Investigation, BBC Two

New drama based on a true story - in Danish and Swedish with English subtitles.

Episode One

In August 2017, Jens Moller, chief of homicide in Copenhagen, learns of a missing Swedish journalist who has not returned from interviewing the designer of a homemade submarine.

Initial garbled reports indicate that she and the designer have returned to harbour, but this proves to be false, as only the designer is rescued before the submarine dramatically sinks. A search for the missing woman is immediately launched, but in order to detain the suspect, Moller, with the advice of prosecuting attorney Jakob Buch-Jepson, decides to charge the suspect with murder, despite the lack of a body.

Episode Two

As the police incident room is flooded with calls regarding the case, Jens and his team follow up various leads. Forensics have discovered traces of human blood in the raised sub, which has to be analysed.

Maibritt calls the various sailing clubs to attempt to identify a yacht seen close to the submarine, and Nikolaj tries to trace the route of the submarine on its final and seemingly fatal voyage. Meanwhile, Jens contacts the missing journalist's parents to ask for access to their daughter's computers.

The Investigation begins Friday 22nd January at 9pm on BBC Two. Boxset of all 6 episodes available straight after on BBC iPlayer.


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