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PREVIEW: The Dog House (Series 2), Channel 4

Channel 4's smash-hit series returns and is back at Wood Green, the Animals Charity.

With the demand for dogs in the UK sharply rising by 650% over the last year, the team are match-making abandoned pooches with hopeful new owners. For some, it's love at first sight. For others, attachment can take a little longer to bloom.

In the first episode of the new run, the smallest and largest of Wood Green's residents are looking to impress new owners. An eight-stone Newfoundland makes a favourable first impression on the Coxon family, but staff are worried that his habit of showering everyone with a spray of slobber may take some of the gloss off.

And nine-week-old French bulldog Kevin competes with a nervous terrier to win the hearts of loved-up couple Ryan and Katie. Meanwhile, a recently widowed grandmother is looking for another 'beating heart' to help fill a home that is feeling very empty.

The whole series is available on All 4, to stream or download for free, following transmission of the first episode on Thursday 11th March.


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