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PREVIEW: Second Hand For 50 Grand, Channel 4

An entire industry has sprung up sourcing the luxury second-hand goods of our dreams - items costing anything from £2000 to £200,000.

This documentary follows the staff of Xupes, a successful business run by savvy millennials hoping to corner the market in pre-owned luxury. Xupes go the extra mile to hunt down the exact handbags, watches or jewellery on their clients' wish lists, and find out the personal stories behind them.

Window cleaner Grant's dad wants to buy him a Cartier watch as a thank you for looking after him. Rebecca asks Head of Handbags Reece to scour the globe for an exact match for a stolen Prada bag given to her by her late mother.

Firefighter Hywell has received a watch from his grandad. If the Xupes team can prove that it's genuine, then Hywell's life is about to change forever.

Second Hand For 50 Grand airs Wednesday 21st April at 10pm on Channel 4.


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