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PREVIEW: Pls Like, BBC Three

The award-winning comedy, which first launched on BBC Three in 2017, returns to investigate how the influencer industry has been changed by an unprecedented pandemic.

Struggling documentary-maker Liam Williams teams up once again with online talent agent, and self-professed 'influencer tsar' James Wirm (Tim Key) to find out what it takes to become a successful influencer in a post-pandemic world.

Hoping that what he learns can help him attract a younger audience for his politically charged passion project - a time-travel movie called Squad Coals - Liam undertakes a series of challenges, including helping a greasy spoon appeal to hip Instagrammers, saving a struggling art gallery with a TikTok exhibition, and commentating on a huge YouTuber boxing match.

But as Liam proceeds with his tasks, he is distracted by the cosy relationship developing between Wirm and the government's new Minister for Influencers, Mungo Slate (Graham Dickson), as well as rumours of a scandal involving a TikTok mega-star and senior British politician.

Episode one: Travel & Tourism Struggling documentarian Liam Williams returns to online talent agent James Wirm (Tim Key) to find out what it takes to become an influencer. This episode, he explores the world of travel influencers and must create a social-media-friendly holiday experience.

Episode two: Arts & Culture Liam tries to make sense of influencers by visiting mega-vlogger Millipede (Emma Sidi) who’s named to appear in a West End musical, despite not being able to sing. Liam also attempts to save a struggling art gallery by trying to appeal to a younger audience.

Episode three: Sports & Fitness Liam sees first-hand how sports are coping during the pandemic by following the build-up to a YouTuber fight taking place behind closed-doors and streamed live to an audience of millions.

Episode four: Food & Drink Liam Williams must help a café appeal to younger diners, so visits food photographer Declan for a tutorial on how to take better pictures of meals, and a restaurant that’s a favourite among Instagrammers for inspiration.

Episode five: Home & Lifestyle Liam must go viral with a vlog he makes from home, but without much of an audience and unable to identify his appeal, he visits several influencers who’ve carved out niche audiences in an attempt to unlock his own.

Episode six: Ethics Liam must use his new-found status as a micro-influencer to become the face of an ethical campaign, but ends up fronting an advert for an oil company. Meanwhile his vlogger pal Charlie South (Jon Pointing) is being ‘un-cancelled’.

Pls Like is available on BBC Three from Sunday 24th January 2021.


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