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PREVIEW: Piers Morgan's Life Stories

Saturday, 10pm, ITV

In 2009, Vinnie Jones joined Piers Morgan on Life Stories. Vinnie was at the top of his game having swapped his football career for a life in Hollywood. Sitting in the audience for the interview was Tanya - Vinnie’s childhood sweetheart and the love of his life. Ten years on, in July, 2019, Vinnie’s life was turned upside down when Tanya tragically died, aged just 53, after a six-year battle with cancer.

In a new intimate Life Stories special, the first time a guest has ever returned, Vinnie will re-join Piers as he talks about how his life has changed irrevocably since his last appearance on the show, trying to come to terms with grieving for the loss of his soulmate, Tanya and what the future now holds.

The week after, Piers chats to Captain Sir Tom Moore.

Piers Morgan's Life Stories begins Saturday at 10pm on ITV.


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